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I was born in Monterrey, Mexico and found my second home in Houston, TX. I have a wonderful husband who supports my crazy ideas and together we are raising a four-legged daughter named Abbie who’s main job is to bark at the neighbor’s cat. 

I love photography! Through a picture, I’m able to understand and capture the essence of a person and the character of a place. After a shoot, I feel like I’ve known that person for years.

I speak English, Spanish and French. I love running in the morning and opening a Cabernet at night. I’m a terrible cook but I haven’t poisoned anyone yet. Please do not talk to me before coffee.

I LOVE being behind the camera rather than being the center of attention, however sometimes I like to photobomb other people’s pics. 

On my free time I do aerial dancing. Have you seen those people hanging from fabrics or a trapeze and do crazy stuff up in the air? Well, I'm one of those :)

Now that you know me better, please take a look at my gallery and let me capture the essence of your family, your baby, your pet or your home.

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